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All hands on deck for a global Malta
Blogs 29-05

PN candidate Claudio Grech writes: The readiness and flexibility of our labour market has not only welcom...
High stakes, as they have always been
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 29-05

More people are falling silent on Facebook because they are afraid of being shouted down, intimidated or just ...
The mud bath
Saviour Balzan
Blogs 29-05

In this campaign the media has come together to rally against the government’s record on governance
A strong message: a vote for AD
Blogs 26-05

AD candidate Marc' Andrea Cassar writes: Parties and politicians change, but the problems remain...
One bad deed is enough to lose reputation
Blogs 26-05

PN candidate Alex Mangion writes: The name of Malta as a serious player in international financial s...
Protecting the best energy policy for our country
Blogs 26-05

PL candidate Gavin Gulia: Having secured energy supply, lowered prices and halved emissions, we face...
Why I am contesting for AD
Blogs 25-05

AD candidate Pascal Aloisio writes: While we understand that not everything can be preserved, we&rsq...
A vote for prosperity
Blogs 25-05

Labour MP Charles Mangion writes: The electorate is once again at an important crossroad. We either choos...
Politics is there to ‘heal’ unaddressed issues
Blogs 25-05

PN candidate Errol Cutajar writes: Forza Nazzjonali is there to ensure that our country regains the reput...
This is a soap opera, not an election
Josanne Cassar
Blogs 25-05

When it comes to reporting, or journalism of any kind, the wording is extremely important, one word placed in ...
Different parties, same stinking fiscal system
Raphael Vassallo
Blogs 25-05

Make sure you fully enjoy voting for a choice of identical two parties, that promise to retain and defend prec...
A one-off opportunity
Frank Psaila
Blogs 24-05

If Muscat goes, the chances are that Labour won’t be out in the wilderness for a long time
What is on the ballot?
Evarist Bartolo
Blogs 24-05

This government has been far from perfect. Mistakes were made… but it has delivered on many fronts
Will you vote for everything to remain the same?
Ralph Cassar
Blogs 23-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: PN and PL fall silent on illegal boathouses in Armier, in l-Ahrax tal-M...
What choosing Malta means
Blogs 23-05

PN candidate Roselyn Knight writes: My promise is that I will be true to you as I am true to me. I c...