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All articles • 'libya'
[WATCH] Rwanda offers refuge to 30,000 African migrants in Libya
World 15:30

In the wake of a video which showed men being auctioned off as farm workers in Libya, Rwanda has offered refuge 

Maltese wanted in Italy over Libyan fuel smuggling racket worth €30 million
National 18-10

Italians issue arrest warrant for former Malta footballer Darren Debono, Libyan smuggling king Fahmi bin Khalifa, and Sicilian mafia associate Nicola Orazio Romeo

Flurry of flights between Malta and Libya could signal change in US-Libya policy
World 08-09

The frequency of flights into Libya – especially given the risks and costs involved in flying aircraft into what is still a dangerous environment – could signal a change in policy

Libyan armed group preventing migrants from crossing Mediterranean – media report
World 21-08

The group is said to be responsible for the sudden drop in migrant arrivals to Italy in recent months

Malta ‘in the dark’ over Libya IMO communication
National 17-08

In Libya, many asylum seekers end up detained, face abuse, extortion and forced labour at the hands of armed groups, criminal gangs and smugglers, according to refugee aid agency Oxfam

NGOs say Malta should have ‘shown solidarity’ with Golfo Azzurro rescuers
National 09-08

Italy and Malta's decisions achieved 'absolutely nothing but more human suffering and pain' according to the Aditus and Integra foundations, and JRS Malta

Italy supports mission to Libya as country denies ‘inviting’ Italian warships into its territory
World 28-07

Italy’s Cabinet has green lighted a mission to Libya which would see Italian disciplined forces control Libyan borders, within the country’s territorial waters

Paris hosts Libyan rival leaders in landmark meeting
World 25-07

A leaked draft talks statement says that Libya’s UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and his main rival, General Khalifa Haftar, will commit to a ceasefire and elections “as soon as possible”.

France hosts Libyan peace talks with rival leaders
World 25-07

The heads of the opposing sides in Libya's crisis are planning to meet in Paris for talks to find a way out of the impasse

Amnesty blames EU for 'soaring' migrant death toll
Europe 06-07

Amnesty International has blamed 'failing EU policies' for the soaring death toll among refugees and migrants in the central Mediterranean

Libya eastern commander Haftar declares victory in battle for Benghazi
World 06-07

The head of the self-styled Libyan National Army has said his forces 'liberated' the eastern Benghazi city after years of fighting with rival groups

Muscat says EU should ban sale of dinghies to Libya to stem immigration
National 22-06

Joseph Muscat: 'EU countries cannot keep speaking about the need to stop immigration while at the same time allow its companies to export dinghies to Libya' 

Hundreds rescued off Libya’s coast
World 18-06

Over 1,300 people rescued by Spanish and Italian ships during rescue operations on Saturday

More than 900 rescued off Libya
World 17-06

The Libyan coastguard said that one of the rubber boats was holed and on the point of sinking

At least 34 migrants, mostly toddlers, drown off Libya
World 24-05

At least 34 migrants, most of them toddlers, drowned, after their overloaded vessel capsized in the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya, rescuers said

German oil firm accused of withholding €800 million from Libya
World 17-05

Libya’s National Oil Corporation chief has claimed that Wintershall went on with unlawful efforts by Libyan government to take over sale of oil contracts

Homeless man jailed for theft fears Libya return
Court & Police 11-05

A Libyan man sentenced to nine months in prison told a court that he would be killed if he returned to Libya

Libyan rival leaders strike power-share deal
World 04-05

The leader of Libya's UN-backed government, Fayez al-Sarraj, and his rival Khalifa Haftar, have tentatively agreed to share power and hold elections, raising hopes for an end to the three-year civil war

Stability in Libya crucial for neighbours’ security
Europe 30-04

Much effort is being invested in the EU’s military intervention in international waters off the coast of Libya aimed at breaking the business model of human trafficking by smugglers

Libya's rival governments reach diplomatic breakthrough in Rome
World 25-04

Libya's warring rival governments have reached an agreement in a deal brokered by Italy, in a meeting described as having 'an atmosphere of friendliness and openness'

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