Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias unveils Sea Cave (Entrance) sculpture at Hastings Gardens

Cristina Iglesias’s latest installation Sea Cave (Entrance) was unveiled at the 3rd edition of the MICAS International Art Weekend

Sea Cave (Entrance) By Cristina Iglesias
Sea Cave (Entrance) By Cristina Iglesias

Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias’s latest installation Sea Cave (Entrance), brings to the surface that which may lie underneath.

Iglesias said the piece seen at Hastings Garden in Valletta creates a profound and immersive sculptural environment through a reflective engagement with public space.

The artist said the work hinted at a liminal threshold, with the potential entrance to the cave, delving downwards to expose stratified layers and an imagined pitted hallowed geology.

The smoother upper overhangs contrast with the dynamic surges of underlying layers that bring to mind shoreline caves formed and eroded by the constancy of the sea. “Water, moving in slow or faster sequences, becomes the unifying element of the work as it seeks to catalyse perceptual engagement,” she said.

Throughout her career, Iglesias has been defined by a unique sculptural vocabulary, building immersive and experiential environments that reference and unite architecture, literature, and culturally site-specific influences.

Iglesias studied Chemical Sciences in her hometown, at the University of the Basque Country. After a brief period in Barcelona practising ceramics and drawing, she studied sculpture in the UK at the Chelsea School of Art in London. She started exhibiting immediately after.

Iglesias said she was interested in our connection with nature. “I think art is a good medium to bring these issues to light. Malta, in particular, is interesting because it has all these layers, both geological and also cultural, and as you know, the piece, Sea Cave (Entrance), is trying to connect this cave to other caves around the world; well as the sea.”

Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias
Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias

The artist said that Sea Cave (Entrance) has a clear connection to nature through rock and water. “Water brings the notion of time and sound – it also symbolises change. This, I feel, gives the audience a sense of urgency to see what is happening. Water is also a sign of life,” she said.

Iglesias said that she wanted to create a place to reflect through her art, places where people could go and observe. “I want people to allow themselves to look and feel and to activate their senses. What I’ve created is a sculpture that symbolises Malta. I’ve sources rocks and plants from the island to make it feel as authentic as possible. Above all, I want to trigger one’s imagination,” she said. 

Iglesias Sea Cave (Entrance) was unveiled at the 3rd edition of the MICAS International Art Weekend on15 October 2021. The work will be open for public viewing from 16 October onwards.

The MICAS International Art Weekend 2021 will also allow the MICAS audience and the general public to meet the artist in person and hear her speak about her work. International curator Edith Devaney will moderate the art talk ‘In Conversation with Cristina Iglesias’, which will be hosted at MUŻA in Valletta on 16 October 2021.

The MICAS International Art Weekend 2021 fulfils MICAS’ remit to showcase cutting-edge contemporary art and artists and bridge the global art community, placing Malta firmly on the international art scene.