Online gallery opens to promote Maltese artists

Online platform The Maltese Gallery launches with intention to promote local artistic and artisinal talent to a global audience 

The Maltese Gallery aims to promote local artists to a global audience
The Maltese Gallery aims to promote local artists to a global audience

An online gallery for local artists and artisans has been set up, aimed at promoting Maltese talent to a global audience.

The Maltese Gallery is an online platform for people to search for and purchase art from local artists, all from the comfort of their own homes. 

Kurt Vella, director of The Maltese Gallery, said that the scope of his project was to revive the local artisanal product.

“We believe there is a lot of interest in the local artisanal product, but not much is being done to promote the skills of the artisan,” he said. “In our modern climate, it has become easy to simply disregard these things. We want to put a stop to that.

“We wish to start a new movement, to help Maltese artists make a name for themselves and for their country and, why not, help artistic organizations exhibit their own talents.”

Painter Philip Agius, watercolour artist Joseph Casapinta, and ceramic designer Sue Mifsud are the first three artists to have their works displayed on the gallery. Other interested artists are invited to sign up through the platform, with only a limited number of spaces available.

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