A reminder of a European tragedy

Author Tony C. Cutajar presents an account of the Holocaust in Maltese.

Tony C. Cutajar’s latest book – Tragedja u Esperjenzi tal-Wahx, published by Horizon – is not meant for children, nor for those who are too sensitive where cruelty and torture are concerned. This is an account of human tragedy during the ugliest period of man’s history in the last hundred years: World War II.

The author, who has written a number of books specifically for young adults, is presenting this work for the first time in the Maltese language with the aim of ensuring that young people today never forget what millions of innocent people went through during this dark phase in human history.

We call it the Holocaust, at the Nuremburg trial it was referred to as genocide while Winston Churchill called it ‘the crime that has no name’. As he said in his dedication, the author produced this book “to ensure that these horrific experiences that did great harm to humanity will never happen again.”

The book is priced at €10 and is available in all local bookshops.