[WATCH] Markapaġna | Tyrone Grima

Rachel Baldacchino speaks with MCAST lecturer in performative arts, Tyrone Grima

Rachel Baldacchino discusses with Tyrone Grima, the collection of short stories by Ramona Depares, ‘The Patient in Hospital Zero (Merlin Publishers, 2021), its air of tension and fear, its socio-political aspect, and the common elements it carries with ‘Frammenti, the prize-winning novel of the National Book Prize.

Tyrone Grima is a lecturer in Performative Arts at MCAST, as well as director and playwright. He is very interested in queer literature and theatre, as well as in spirituality. His first literary work was his novella ‘Celibacy’. Together with Justin Schembri, Grima also wrote two collections of short stories: ‘Frekwenzi Ħiemda’ and ‘Frekwenzi Msikkta’, as also the queer novel ‘Bep’. His latest novel, ‘Frammenti’ won the National Book Prize.

Books discussed in this episode: 

Ramona Depares, ‘The Patient in Hospital Zero’ (Merlin Publishers, 2021)

Tyrone Grima, ‘Frammenti’ (Merlin Publishers, 2021)

Music Michael Azzopardi, ‘Skrejjen’ https://michaelazzopardi.xyz/ 

Markapaġna is produced by the National Book Council and aired in collaboration with MaltaToday.

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