49 new proofreaders of Maltese

The awarding ceremony of the Certificate of Proofreading in Maltese was held at the Old University building in Valletta on Monday 8 November. This was the fourth group that has successfully completed the one-year part-time university course leading to the Certificate of Proofreading in Maltese. This course is organised by the Department of Maltese of the University of Malta in collaboration with the National Council for the Maltese Language.  

The aim of this course is to enhance the stability of Maltese writing by increasing the number of qualified proofreaders. This is of great importance since Maltese is nowadays being more widely used in publications, EU translations and in various other areas.

Launched five years ago, the course has seen an increase in the number of students following it, so that, to date, there are 144 qualified proofreaders. Since those who have obtained the certificate need to guarantee a professional level in Maltese writing, the course is rigorous and intensive.

In his speech, the President of the Akkademja tal-Malti, Carmel Azzopardi, pointed out that, although Maltese is widely spoken, many people choose not to write in Maltese because they are afraid of making mistakes. It is now time for Maltese to be written in the highest levels of communication. During the ceremony, Marica Abdilla, one of the newly qualified proofreaders, shared her experience of the course. A presentation outlining the aims of the course and the results achieved was also delivered. 

The ceremony was presented by Mario Vassallo. Doreen Galea, accompanied by Mro Dominic Galea, gave a musical interpretation of some Maltese poems which can be found in their CD ‘Lil Ommi’. The certificates were presented by the University Rector, Prof. Juanito Camilleri and by Dr George Farrugia, Secretary of the National Council.

The sixth course will commence in February 2011. The course catalogue is available onwww.um.edu.mt/arts/malti/avvizi/qaritalprovi. Lectures are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. For more information, an email can be sent to [email protected]