My essentials: Aicha Cassar’s cultural picks

84 | Aicha Cassar, 23, Actress

1. Book

I have always loved reading books. I am obsessed with poems and writing them- I have been in love with Diary of a Romantica by Celia Martinez for a while now. In both volumes, her style of writing is so raw and out there, you can feel her honesty whilst reading every word. She puts her heart and soul into every poem, and you can understand what kind of person she is! I believe whether you can feel as if getting to know personally the author through their words, really makes or breaks any book.

2. Film

Level 16 is such a masterpiece. Every scene has something unexpected happening and the plot is just marvellous! I feel like so many movies nowadays can be predictable, this one was not and that’s why I appreciated it so much!

3. Internet/TV

I do not follow a lot of media influencers if I must be honest but one, I always liked (even before we became friends) is Riyana Stivala. She is so real and just so willing to do whatever to follow her dreams and what she believes in! I admire her a lot for that.

4. Music

Taylor Swift has been my favourite singer since 2015. I remember the first song I listened to was You Belong With Me. I fell in love with her style and how she writes. Gradually, I started listening to more and more songs and she became my favourite. I love how you can create a film on every single in the Lover and Midnights album! The stories she tells through her music are wholesome.

5. Place

My favourite place is Rome! Behind every corner there is something new to discover. It is gorgeous and so breath taking! Every single time I am in Rome I feel so blessed and grateful to know such a city.