My essentials: Hannah Gatt’s cultural picks

85 | Hannah Gatt, 22, student/performer/speech-language therapist

1. Book

Admittedly, most of my reading this past year has been either reading scripts, or reading articles related to my dissertation, so not the MOST exciting. However, one of my favourite books to date is a poem book by Rupi Kaur called ‘Milk & Honey’. It is one of the few poem books and it’s just one of those books I always find myself going back to.

2. Film

Last week I just watched Barbenheimer (Oppenheimer + Barbie) right after each other and it was absolutely fantastic. Oppenheimer was an absolute masterpiece of a film that had my eyes glued to the screen. After that killer of a film we had five minutes to rush downstairs and go into Barbie. Could not be more different from Oppenheimer but was just as amazing. I left Barbie in an absolute existential crisis, whilst my boyfriend left the cinema singing ‘I’m just Ken’.

3. TV/Internet

The main two social media apps I love scrolling through are Tiktok and Instagram. On Tiktok I just like randomly scrolling through the current trends. My Instagram feed is currently just full of pugs and sausage dogs (I am absolutely obsessed with them). Regarding TV, at the moment I’m on the last season of How I Met Your Mother and I am so invested, and have absolutely no idea what to watch once it ends.

4. Music

My music taste is quite varied. My absolute all time favourite singers are Lizzie McAlpine and The Lumineers. Lizzie is my absolute go to whenever I just need to just chill out. I actually just watched Lumineers in concert this summer and it was such an amazing experience (even though it was pouring rain).

5. Place  

I absolutely adore travelling so this is a bit of a difficult one. Recently I went to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and it was stunning, especially Positano. We went on a lovely boat trip around the coast and I absolutely adored it. My dream is definitely to travel outside of Europe and visit places such as Vietnam, Thailand and Bali.