[WATCH] Feast enthusiasts come out in droves for St Cajetan feast

[SLIDESHOW] Hamrun's feast enthusiasts came out in full force today to celebrate the beloved St Cajetan feast

Feast enthusiasts celebrate the St Cajetan feast • All photo by Marianne Sciberras
Feast enthusiasts celebrate the St Cajetan feast • All photo by Marianne Sciberras

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Hamrun’s streets basked in an atmosphere of good-natured fun today as hundreds of feast enthusiasts marked the feast of St Cajetan with band marches, shredded paper, singing and all round celebrations.

Traditionally celebrated on August 7 or on the first Sunday after, the popular feast is best known for the rivalry between Hamrun’s two band clubs, the St Gajetan’s Band Club, known as “tat-Tamal”, and St Joseph’s Band Club, or as it is also known “tal-Miskina.”

Statutes of angels adorned the Hamrun Main Street while band clubs were also dressed for the occasion. Enthusiasts of all ages dressed in clothes and headbands to match the colours of their band club, while others carried flags of their band club.

All photos: Marianne Sciberras
All photos: Marianne Sciberras

The Sunday celebrations began early morning but as noon struck, the marches of the respective band clubs, or as they are known “il-Marc tal-Brijju” began, with chants and celebrations ringing out.

Once the band started to play, the road was coated in a thick layer of shredded paper flakes, descending in a seemingly unending stream from balconies lining the route.

The celebrations of the feast come to an end on Sunday night with a procession along the Hamrun streets. The procession ends with a run up the stairs of the Parish Church, and accompanied by a fireworks display and cheers from the crowds.

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