[WATCH] Crossroads[email protected] to feature some of Malta's biggest acts

Malta's new favourite street for photos is not just for show, but was set up in preparation for next Saturday's event! 

Umbrellas in preparation for the festival
Umbrellas in preparation for the festival
Colourful umbrellas adorn a street in Żabbar

You could almost expect Mary Poppins to drop in at any time in Malta's newfound favourite street in Żabbar, where 1,500 colourful umbrellas were strung up in preparation for a free entertainment event to be held there on Saturday 9 June.

The event, [email protected], will feature some of Malta’s best acts in three different venues that stem from Żabbars’ crossroads at the city’s main street.

The umbrella project is the brainchild of the Żabbar local council, which erected them overnight with the help of volunteers from three band clubs - Group Armar Żabbar AD 1988, Soċjeta Filarmonica Maria Mater Gratiæ Żabbar and Għaqda Madonna tal-Grazzja Banda San Mikel Żabbar.

The unity in his locality will be reflected in an activity called Cross Roads
The unity in his locality will be reflected in an activity called Cross Roads

The square known as il-Venda will feature one of the biggest names in Malta’s rock scene, Ira Losco & Band live in concert. The renowned facade of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces will shine like never before through an audio-visual show.

A number of high power projectors, brought to Malta specifically for the event, will bring the facade to life during four 3D shows held at different times throughout the night. 

The third venue, the historical square known as il-Misraħ will offer a typical Maltese night starring local personality Corazon who will perform with her band along with Maltese renowned author Trevor Zahra. 

The night will end at il-Misraħ to the vibes of one of the islands’ top brass bands – Versatile Brass Band and a firework show.  Various food stalls and bars will be available in the locations, with other entertainment offered in between. 

Żabbar Mayor Marc Vella Bonnici said that the event has highlighted the locality's unity. 

The activity is being organised by the two main band clubs, the group responsible for decorating the locality and the local council.

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