Will Smith and Jada Pinkett split

Gossip magazines are reporting the end of the Hollywood super-couple's 13 year marriage.

According to American publication In Touch Weekly, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have decided to go their separate ways after 13 years of marriage.

The couple - both of whom have been involved in show business for a good number of years - have two children, Willow and Jaden, while Pinkett is also stepmother to Smith's son Trey, who Smith had with his former wife Sheree Zampino.

An official confirmation is yet to emerge from the couple itself, as In Touch got its information from an unspecificed "insider".

Meanwhile, the mood on the internet appears to be one of genuine surprise, as the couple have often presented themselves as a 'model' family.

"If this breakup is confirmed to be true, Pinkett will have to eat some crow," writes Jessica Carlson of The Imperfect Parent. "She has long been an advocate for life-long commitments in marriage saying that she’d throw her entire career away in order to save her marriage and that her marriage was the most important thing to her."

Will Smith is slated to appear in the second sequel to the alien-hunting saga Men In Black, while Pinkett-Smith will continue to appear in the popular TNT television drama Hawthorne.

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