Michael Jackson’s doctor ‘tried to conceal drugs’

A paramedic who was at Michael Jackson’s house the night he died claims he saw Jackson’s doctor collecting three bottles of lidocaine and putting them in a bag.

Martin Blount, the paramedic, told a court in Los Angeles he was surprised to see the bottles. Dr Conrad Murray, Jackson’s doctor, had denied giving Jackson any drugs.

Blount added that Murray had produced a hypodermic needle. However the paramedics refused to let him use it. Blount described Murray as being “frantic” and said he was sweating profusely.

Another paramedic giving evidence at a preliminary hearing into Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, said the popstar had appeared lifeless when he first saw him.

Richard Sennef said Murray claimed he was treating the singer for dehydration and exhaustion and had just passed out. However, Sennef claims his legs were cold and limp and his eyes dried out. His hands and feet were turning blue.

In a separate hearing, Jackson’s bodyguard said the doctor had ordered him to put controversial medicines away in a bag before calling 911.

The bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, recalls the sight of Jackson on the bed with his eyes and mouth open.

“I was reaching for the phone to call 911 when the children came into the room. Paris screamed ‘Daddy’ and started crying. Murray said ‘get them out’,” Alvarez said. “He just grabbed a handful of bottles or vials and instructed me to put them in a bag.”

Prosecutors claim Murray administered propofol without the proper equipment, then tried to cover up his actions after Jackson died.

The Deputy District Attorney, David Walgren, said it at least 21 minutes passed before Murray called the paramedics.