Get your copy of Vida, out this Sunday with MaltaToday

The June edition of Vida is out this Sunday with MaltaToday

Get a look at some of Gozo's hottest beaches in the June edition of Vida
Get a look at some of Gozo's hottest beaches in the June edition of Vida

June brings with it the first whiff of summer, though there is still the exam period to get through. Once exam stress is over and done with, it’s time to hit the beach. People generally tend to get comfortable visiting the same spots over and over again, whether this be restaurants, bars or beaches. If you are feeling the holiday vibe but can’t really get yourself onto a plane check out some of Gozo’s most beautiful spots and take a dip in the Med. It will feel just as good as a holiday.

The increased temperatures are the perfect excuse to head out on a shopping spree to spruce up those summer outfits. Jade Zammit Stevens talks about the items that simply must be in everyone’s wardrobe this season. From sunnies to signature bags, white tees and demin, she’s got it all figured out early on in the season.

I absolutely love the summer and can’t understand people who don’t but I know they do exist! If this is true for you, have a look at Mandy Farrugia’s tour of Iceland’s underwater treasures as she scuba-dives through the Silfra Fissure – the crack between the North American and Eurasian continent. If you need to get away from the heat in the summer this may be the perfect spot.