Katie Holmes sues over drugs claim

Katie Holmes is suing the publishers of Star Magazine accusing them of libel over a magazine cover that insinuated she was a drug addict.

The actress wife of Tom Cruise filed the lawsuit against American Media in federal court in Los Angeles.

She said a January cover that featured the headline "Katie DRUG SHOCKER!" was false and not supported by the actual story in the magazine.

The cover featured a dishevelled picture of Katie, and the story claimed she was "trapped in a cycle of addictive treatments", based on interviews with former Scientology members.

The complaint also states the cover story implies that Holmes is looking to split from husband Tom, which the lawsuit states is untrue.

Star Magazine is standing by its story and said in a statement that it raises significant concerns about Church of Scientology practices, including the use of e-meters, devices that practitioners believe detect mental trauma.

Katie, who starred in the television series Dawson's Creek and numerous films, is seeking more than 50 million dollars in damages.