Netherlands win Eurovision, Malta finishes in 16 place

Michela Pace obtains 95 points

Michela Pace finished in 16 place
Michela Pace finished in 16 place

Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision for the Netherlands on Saturday night as Malta slumped to 16 place.

Laurence clinched the title with the televoting result that put him in front of Italy’s Mahmoud.

Michela Pace ended in 16 place with 95 points. The Gozitan singer obtained 75 points from the national juries with the highest points coming from Azerbaijan (10 points), Netherlands (8 points) and Italy (8 points).

Pace disappointed in the televoting result, obtaining a lowly 20 points.

International super star Madonna made a guest appearance and in typical bad girl fashion stoked controversy when she closed her show with two dancers that sported the Israeli and Palestinian flags on their back.