Medieval movies and mythological slots: Malta is inspiration for film and games

Malta is fertile ground for more historical productions

The popularity of Ancient Greece across entertainment knows no bounds – and Malta could play host to more films and series in future.  

One of the most admired sectors in Malta is its film industry. From The Saint to Game of Thrones, the island has seen stars such as Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hanks grace its shores. 

And it acts as a stand-in for Ancient Greece, the Medieval era, and anything set in a desert in the past, providing inspiration for everything from film-making to more surprising areas such as iGaming. 

With much of the island as untouched as mainland Greece may have been during ancient times, the backdrop is an ideal filming location. As well as driving the local economy, it also helps attract tourists to Malta, who want to visit some of the locations. Notably, this has occurred with Game of Thrones, as people have been choosing holiday destinations based on where the show has filmed (as we have seen with the Giant’s Causeway and Croatia). 

One of the most striking uses for Malta in film has been as Ancient Greece. 2004’s Troy, starring Brad Pitt, used the beaches at Mellieħa and the Blue Lagoon in Comino to set the scene, while also using Fort Ricasoli as Troy itself. 2016’s Assassin’s Creed also used Malta as a Medieval setting and benefitted from the architecture as well as the production base at Kalkara. 

Furthermore, 1981’s Clash of the Titans set the trend with the Azure Window of Gozo as the backdrop of the battle between man and monster. Similarly, 2000’s Gladiator used the fort and the port of Vittoriosa to depict Ancient Rome. 

Netflix’s eagerly anticipated series based on Greek mythology, Kaos, has constantly been talked about since the 2018 announcement of production beginning. 

Media with an Ancient Greek mythological basis is only increasing in popularity. Across online entertainment for example, titles such as the Age of Gods online slots games prove widely popular. The series is comprised of titles such as King of Olympus, Goddess of Wisdom, and Medusa & Monsters, all finding inspiration in Ancient Greece and the mythology within. 

This illustrates the continued popularity of the ancient aesthetic across media perhaps not considered before. As Ancient Greece remains popular, and Malta is primed to accept filmmakers and blockbusters, this provides fertile ground for more historical productions on the island, which are bound to inspire all forms of media based in this setting.