Mediterrane Film Festival is back with a cinematic splash

Your guide to what is on offer in the jam-packed Mediterrane Film Festival happening in Valletta

Mediterrane Film Festival's 2024 theme is Unity Through Film
Mediterrane Film Festival's 2024 theme is Unity Through Film

Guess what? The Mediterrane Film Festival is back for round two, and it's bigger and better than ever. Taking place from 22 June to 30 June in the capital Valletta.  

Get ready for a jam-packed event with more screenings, discussions, and even some sailing action. This festival has it all—family-friendly fun, career-boosting masterclasses, and chill vibes in the beautiful setting of Valletta. Here's your guide to what's going down at the Mediterrane Film Festival 2024 edition.

For kids and families 

The festival offers several family-friendly screenings and events. Animated films and interactive projects like "Wallace and Gromit" will surely delight young audiences.  

The immersive "Future Visions" section also includes creative projects that blend storytelling and technology, providing an engaging experience for kids. 

But what will surely captivate the young ones is the David Walliams Book Show on Friday the 28 at Fort St Elmo, Valletta.

For aspiring filmmakers 

Dreaming of a career change? This festival is your golden ticket! The Mediterrane Film Festival boasts an array of masterclasses by acclaimed professionals throughout the week. Learn from the best, including editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis (Kinds of Kindness, Poor Things), production designer Nathan Crowley (Wonka, Dunkirk), casting director Margery Simkin (Avatar, Top Gun, Mamma Mia), and composer Simon Franglen (Avatar: The Way of Water, Ocean’s Eight), among others.

For movie buffs 

What’s a film festival without screening some of the greats? The programme will feature 15 films in its Competition section, seven Out of Competition films including The Count of Monte Cristo, and seven films competing in the environment-themed Mare Nostrum section. Additionally, there will be 14 immersive projects selected by interactive story architect Michel Reilhac. The festival will also pay tribute to David Bowie with screenings of The Man Who Fell to Earth.

For networkers 

The industry programme facilitates networking through masterclasses and panels. Notable sessions include discussions on the Mediterranean's cultural heritage, the dynamics of film circulation, and co-production opportunities. The festival's focus on "Unity through Film" fosters an environment for international dialogue and collaboration.

For those who want to chill  

The Mediterrane Film Festival provides ample opportunities for relaxation. Set against the backdrop of Malta's historic capital, attendees can explore Valletta's cultural sites, enjoy local cuisine, and participate in informal social events.