International film companies express interest in Malta

UK-based Pinewood Studios, which served as the home of the James Bond and Harry Potter films among others, are among the applicants of an expression of interest into the Kalkara Film Studios

The Kalkara Film Studios - © Malta Air Photo
The Kalkara Film Studios - © Malta Air Photo

Patting itself on the back for a “record” year that reportedly brought in over €100 million into the Maltese economy thanks to its efforts, government can announce that the Maltese film industry has attracted the interest of a number of international film companies to operate on its shores.

The Kalkara film studios serve as an important component for this industry. During the past few months, government commenced a competitive process to attract investment towards these facilities. To this end, an international expression of interest was launched, which closed earlier this week.

In total, government received five applications from companies and international consortia – listed here in alphabetical order:

•              Golden Zephyr LLC (US)

•              Island Productions (Italy)

•              Mediente Ltd. (UK)

•              Pinewood (UK)

•              SAFET SPA (Italy)

Film Commissioner Englebert Grech stated that improved facilities are necessary for the local film industry to grown and develop in a sustainable way: highlighting in particular the need for a sound stage, “something that the Maltese industry has always needed”.

“This project will make Malta more competitive, ensuring that our country is able to attract new international film productions,” Grech added.   

Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis – whose ministry has the Film Commission under its wing – described this development as an important one, which proves that Malta is enjoying a good reputation in this field.

Zammit Lewis added that a considerable number of international companies are recognizing Malta’s potential for the film industry, “so much so that they’re willing to invest millions of euros into the Kalkara Studios”.

Thanks to this investment, Zammit Lewis added, the industry would be able to generate employment all year round.