Eden Cinemas presents: Love to Paradise, filmed in Malta

Cinema-goers are invited to join director Julian Galea for an exclusive Q & A session and screening of his new movie, filmed in Malta 'Love to Paradise', on September 16

Love to Paradise starring Myko Olivier and Marysia S. Peres, directed by Julian Galea
Love to Paradise starring Myko Olivier and Marysia S. Peres, directed by Julian Galea

Malta has become one of Europe’s most popular television and film locations and was dubbed “the Mediterranean’s mini-Hollywood” by the London times.

Films such as Gladiator, Troy, Munich and The Count of Monte Cristo have all been filmed either wholly or partially on the island; directed by renowned directors such as Steven Spielberg and Guy Ritchie.

Yet again, Malta has been made home to another film: Love to Paradise.

Cinema patrons are invited to join Julian Galea, the writer, director and producer of ‘Love for Paradise’ for an exclusive and intimate Q & A session at Eden Cinemas on September 16, after the screening of the film. Julian Galea is a Maltese-Australian film-maker, who studied at the New York Film Academy as a writer-director. His work includes a series of awarded short films and his latest feature film debut, Love to Paradise.

The plot surrounds American tourist, Giovanni, who falls for local artist Carmen as they embark on a passionate and unforgettable journey across the Maltese islands, only to be broken by the truth. At a crossroads, Giovanni chooses between his livelihood or a fight to win the love of a woman who has forever changed him.

Malta, enveloped in rich history and culture has been made the backdrop of this film and has been described as both “dazzling” and “visually stunning”. The island is also “the third essential character in this two hander romance”.


‘Love to Paradise’ is a Side Street Film showing at Eden Cinemas. These art house, European films are all about alternative content for movie lovers who appreciate a more artistic and experimental style of film. 

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