Calleja voted world’s best opera singer… for now

Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja has overtaken Placido Domingo to the top spot in an online poll to determine the best male voice in lyrical opera today.

Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja
Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja

The poll is conducted by Italian website, which purports to provide a global indication of popular taste in a wide variety of areas, focusing primarily on music.

Calleja, who was languishing in sixth place until late yesterday evening, enjoyed a surge in online voting today to shoot up to number one with (at the time of writing) 2,384 votes.

Other high-placed opera singers include Placido Domingo, Jonas Kaufmann, Roberto Alagna and Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Voting remains open. The poll can be accessed here.

Well with the exception of Domingo who has stood the test of time but now he flips from tenor to baritone but sounds the same, as for the rest the really good ones are at the bottom, save Kaufmann who could eat Calleja on toast. Kaufmann is the best. No comparison at all. A dramatic tenor with a huge voice and a repertoire which includes everything Calleja sings and much much more right up to Wagenrian roles. Calleja is a Tenore zanzana as the great Bergonzi called them. The kind who sing Nessun Dorma but not Turandot. Kaufmann can. Calleja is a tenor with a small nice voice and that is all. So what is the criteria for the voting? Anybody seen any of them as I have at the Garden or the Met? I doubt