Isle of MTV Malta Special to air on 1 August

MTV Euro to air MTV Malta Special next Wednesday at 10pm

MTV 2012 Malta Special
MTV 2012 Malta Special

A 60-minute TV programme filmed during and including highlights of this year's Isle of MTV Malta Special - featuring Will.i.Am, Flo-Rida, Nelly Furtado, Eva Simons - will be broadcast on the MTV EURO feed this Wednesday at 10pm.

The Malta Special will be broadcast repeatedly across the 22 MTV Network Europe (MTVNE) channels in the coming weeks.  Most of the MTVNE channels will begin airing the programme on 1 August.

However the Isle of MTV Malta Special 2012 has already been aired on MTV Czech, MTV France, VIVA Austria and Viva Germany.  Broadcast times will differ from one channel to another in order to reach the best possible audiences in the respective territories. 

Moreover, once the broadcast cycle is complete, excerpts from the Isle of MTV Malta shows remain in MTV circulation via other programmes such as World Stage and a host of similar 'compilation' programmes.     

The programme is also being promoted on the official MTVNE, Isle of MTV and featured artistes' sites, related pages and SN sites amongst others.

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