Going, going… and they’re back | Nick Morales

Having spent four months in Denmark, Maltese indie band nosnow/noalps will now be yo-yoing between Malta and Copenhagen with a new line up. We speak to Nick Morales about what they learnt during their time away from the rock, their latest single – aptly titled ‘N.E.W’ – and their upcoming EP, ‘Go Go Go Go’, set for release in March 2014.

Centre: Nick Morales (top), Benji Cachia (bottom). Left to right: Sarah Snow and Mai Skojdt Micheelsen.
Centre: Nick Morales (top), Benji Cachia (bottom). Left to right: Sarah Snow and Mai Skojdt Micheelsen.

What led to the change in band members?

After our first album, Romantik Politik came out in 2011, I started to priority to touring. Since the other members could not afford to tour excessively, band members started changing to accommodate the tours and a change in the line-up became a natural necessity so as to make the band work, and for us to continue touring.

What was your experience in Copenhagen like? What did you learn as a band?

The experience was a very good one. We lived in the city for four months and learned a lot about the music industry, and also we really had a good look at ourselves and what we where doing. It was a time to reflect and act as well on it, we wrote a lot of songs and that's when the latest song - N.E.W - came together.

Why did you decide to return to Malta? Will you be practicing your music here for the foreseeable future?

We decided to come back to Malta because life in Copenhagen was financially challenging. But apart from that, we also wanted our new single to be recorded at Temple Studios, with David Vella as producer. However, since one of our new members is Danish - vocalist and keyboardist Mai Skjødt Micheelsen - we will still be partly based in Copenhagen. We'll be doing plenty of touring all around, but we'll be spending our free time in Malta - and doing some gigs on the island too.

How would you describe the music scene in Malta, now that you've been abroad and returned?

The Maltese music scene is always changing. I'm noticing that things are slowing down a bit lately. This is probably because there is only a limited amount of things a band can do on the island, and if musicians aren't active and financially stable, it can get frustrating - so bands automatically start to disintegrate and fade away. But having said that, I believe there are still plenty of good bands out there which will stand out and get somewhere eventually.

Along with the new song itself, how would you describe your upcoming EP? What can fans of nosnow/noalps expect from it, and how will it also differ from previous outings?

The EP will feature a variety of songs which won't all sound like 'N.E.W'. We were always known for flirting with a variety of styles - a trait which has only intensified with the new line-up. We are introducing a heavier edge to some of the songs, although you'll also find songs that come close to being ballads.

The new nosnow/noalps line-up also includes Benji Cachia on drums, Mai Skjødt Micheelsen (vocals and keys) and Sarah Snow (vocals and keys for Malta performances). For more information log on to www.nosnownoalps.com.