Italian singer Pino Daniele passes away

Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist Pino Daniele passed away last night following a heart attack

Pino Daniele
Pino Daniele

Italian singer Pino Daniele, 59, passed away last night after suffering a heart attack in his country home in Toscana, Italy.

News of Daniele’s death was first made public by his long-time friend and colleague Eros Ramazzotti. Messages of condolences, including by famous Italian singers such as Laura Pausini, flowed in on the web.

“It’s a terrible time,” his daughter Sara said.


Born in Naples, Daniele was a self-taught guitarist, who loved rumba, blues, pop, la tarantella and jazz.

Daniele last came to Malta as a performer in 2010 when he was among the stars who performed at the Concerto di Natale, the popular Rai Due Christmas Eve concert that was recorded on the island.