Ira Losco to compete in Malta Eurovision semi-final

Both of Losco’s songs qualify for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-final on January 22, along with Eurovision ‘regulars’ Lawrence Gray and Corazon Mizzi 

Returning to the show that made her famous, Ira Losco will be competing for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-final with two songs
Returning to the show that made her famous, Ira Losco will be competing for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-final with two songs

The Maltese shortlist for the Eurovision Song Contest was whittled down further during an edition of the Xarabank programme last night, narrowing the contenders down from 49 to 20.

The singers will first compete in a semi-final taking place on January 22, whittling their number further to 14, who will then go head-to-head in the final the following day.

Among the contenders this year is Ira Losco, who defied rumours that she won’t be returning by pitching her name in the tent with two songs – Chameleon (Invincible) and That’s Why I love You – both of which, impressively, made their way through.  

Losco’s Eurovision legacy remains undimmed – the singer nearly snatched the prize for Malta in 2002 when she competed in Estonia with ‘Seventh Wonder’ coming second to Latvia’s Marie N.

Speaking to MaltaToday back in 2012, Losco had warned up-and-coming musicians of the dangers of overestimating the Eurovision experience. 

"If you're going in with at least some idea of what direction you'd like to take your career into after the Eurovision then yes, I'd still recommend going for it. Because it does remain a good launching pad, especially in today's economic climate. Producers are actually scoping out 'real' musicians at the Eurovision because let's face it, the contest does half the work for them already: it gives the artist automatic exposure since the Eurovision is watched by millions of people, and its reach is now extended thanks to social media.

"Which shouldn't be ignored by aspiring musicians because the harsh truth is that artists don't really get paid advances any more... unless you're a one-armed musician who plays five instruments, unless we're talking about that level of amazing talent. So yes, I would recommend it as a launching pad, but only if you've thought the trajectory of your career through," Losco had said. 

Apart from Losco, the following singers have been selected to perform in the semi-final:

Corazon Mizzi – Falling Glass

Brooke Borg ­– Golden

Deborah C  – All around the world

Lawrence Gray – You’re Beautiful

Raquel Galdes – Flashing Lights

Kimberley Cortis – Lighthouse

Jessika – The Flame

Maxine Pace  – Young Love

Jasmine Abela – Alive

Dominique Azzopardi – Empty hearted

Dominic – Fire Burn

Daniel Testa – Under the Sun

Franklin Calleja – Little Love

Dario Mifsud Bonnici – I Love You

Stefan Galea – Light up my life

Danica Muscat – Frontline

Christabelle Borg – Kingdom

 Sarah Crystal – Right here with you