[WATCH] Ira Losco to represent Malta in Sweden

Eurovision veteran Ira Losco will represent Malta in Sweden for this year's edition of the Eurovision, as her song 'Chameleon' emerges victorious at tonight's Malta Eurovision Song Contest

Ira Losco emerged victorious with 'Chameleon' at tonight's Malta Eurovision Song Contest • Photo by Reno Rapa
Ira Losco emerged victorious with 'Chameleon' at tonight's Malta Eurovision Song Contest • Photo by Reno Rapa


Eurovision veteran Ira Losco has emerged victorious amidst thunderous support, and screams of her name from the fans watching at the MCC, Valletta. The club anthem  “Chameleon” will see Ira and her team jetting off to Stockholm this May, where they’ll be up against some stiff competition in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The competition, which is being hosted by Sweden following Måns Zelmerlöw’s decisive win in 2015 with “Heroes”, will be the 61st iteration of the hugely popular singing show.

Despite a brief scuffle with Brooke for first place during the announcements of the jury vote, Ira Losco stood out as the clear winner when considering the general public’s wishes. “Chameleon” drew in the support of 40% of all those who called to vote.

Brooke’s valiant effort with “Golden” did not go unnoticed and earned her the runner up position, as Franklin’s “Little Love” came in third. Both artists earned their place in the top 3, with spot-on performances of songs that were designed to highlight their respective artist’s talents.

Other stand out performances from the night included newcomer Jasmine who, despite not placing in the top three, impressed audiences with her unique take on the overdone Eurovision trope that is the power-ballad. “Alive” resonated with those watching as it showcased her strong vocal, whilst providing the level of theatrics necessary to survive in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although most would agree that, as a host, Ben Camille was a treat to the eyes, you’d be hard pressed to find any of the compliments extending to his presenting skills. Despite this, it’s hard to be overly critical of Camille, as he did a better job than some who come before him, and it’s practically a staple of the Eurovision for the hosts to be somewhat cringe worthy.

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