Fusing on impulse | Jack’s Fusion

Having a ‘niche’ in the musical scene was something Jack’s Fusion wanted to carve for themselves

Jack’s Fusion will be launching their debut EP at the Salesians Theatre on August 25
Jack’s Fusion will be launching their debut EP at the Salesians Theatre on August 25

What led you to form a band, and what were your initial plans, hopes and dreams? Did that change over time?

Originally, we just used to meet up as five friends who had the same passion for rock music. We ended up enjoying it so much that in the summer of 2014, we decided to take it one step further and officially form the band under the name Jack’s Fusion. Initially, we just aspired to play as many gigs as possible, but apart from that, we also wanted to try out writing original content. Both have become a big priority for us now... one other dream we had earlier was to organise some sort of tour, which is still a dream of ours we might consider pursuing in the future.

What kind of musical scene did you find yourself thrown into when you first started playing and performing, and would you say you’ve now found a niche within it?

Until we found our sound as a band, having a ‘niche’ in the musical scene was something we wanted to carve for ourselves, but it really depended on the style of music that we wanted to write and the gigs we really aspired to play at. As far as style is concerned, our originals are a blend of the particular style each member brings to the table once we start writing, and what you choose to showcase in each set list really affects which gigs you’re going to go for, too. 

How do you approach crafting your own sound at the beginning? Has that changed over time too?

Our songwriting process usually starts from jamming together until we find a catchy riff or melody. Then, everyone tackles writing for their own instrument; even though we do give suggestions to each other if there’s a particular idea or sound we have in mind for the song. Sorting the structure and length of the song is something we usually end up doing last. I don’t think our songwriting approach has changed so dramatically since we started writing, but we always try to push ourselves out of our ‘comfort zone’ and try new things when we write new songs. 

What can fans expect from your new EP, Impulse? And what kind of stage does it mark for your own career?

A lot of energy, a lot of adrenaline. Being our first EP, we wanted to really showcase the sound we’ve created as a band and the message we want to put out there – this is something which applies to the work we’ve put into the actual launch itself, too. Impulse is a six track EP, and each track channels the band’s energy in some way. We want it to mark the beginning of what will hopefully push us further into the music scene.

What do you make of the local music scene? What would you change about it?

There are so many local artists out there exploring different styles and genres. Not many people know so much about the incredible spectrum and talent of artists, bands and music styles in the local scene, and the events going on throughout each year. Maybe it’s not the local scene in itself but more how people approach bands and events particularly – there’s always something different going on, and some new artist to discover. 

What’s next for you?

Right now, all our concentration is focused on our launch concert, which is happening on August 25, at the Salesians Theatre in Sliema. After that, we are definitely looking forward to writing and releasing more original content, and playing at some more great gigs. Put simply, that’s the joy we find in what we do; and knowing us, it won’t be long before we start to work on another one of our projects in the future.

Jack’s Fusion will be launching their debut EP, Impulse, at the Salesians Theatre, Sliema on August 25 at 20:00. Entrance is at €10, €12 with EP