[WATCH] Five things I learnt at this year’s fantastic Earth Garden

Over 100 local and international acts including Brikkuni, Tribali, Lakupa, and the Gentleman’s Dub Club, gave festival-goers a taste of music from all around the world during Earth Garden this weekend

Earth Garden 2018
Earth Garden 2018

Not just a hippy-fest

Sure, you’ll probably think it looks like an annual convention for the Veganist International and sandal-wearing crusties who use tote-bags for suitcases. But Earth Garden has turned into much more than that: it is well-planned, has something to offer to most who come there, with five different stages for music, as well as a kids’ area and interesting talks. So it’s been a diverse range of people who attended this year’s festival: I’ve seen people of ages and nationalities, families with little kids, and even pets – people from all walks of life enjoying four days of good music, food and fun!

Music for the masses

So while you’re busy steering clear of the droning didgeridoos, you’ll be bowled over by the impressive line-up of rock and jazz bands, electronica and techno that’s on offer at Earth Garden. That wide range actually makes Earth Garden so much more different than most festivals with the typical line-up of mainstream acts. Over 100 local and international acts including Brikkuni, Tribali, Lakupa, and the Gentleman’s Dub Club, gave festival-goers a taste of music from all around the world. 

Ready for some one-ness?

Of course it’s implied. Earth Garden comes with a big serving of environmental consciousness, and maybe there’s not enough of that around. This year’s theme, ‘The Age of Re-Union’ and the idea of “coming back to wholeness in ourselves” with each other and the planet was perhaps one of the best themes ever. In age of urgency that seeks to reduce the burden humans place on the earth, the festival’s Healing Fields offered various talks, workshops and activities aimed at grounding one’s self and reconnect with a natural way of living. Discussions on veganism, yoga, inner peace and sex, offered a mixture of activities. And of course, with its ethnic market, loads of food stalls offering great food, it all created the kind of perfect blend.

Malta’s cleanest festival

Have you ever been to a festival and found yourself walking over an abundance of plastic cups and rubbish? Well, Earth Garden could easily be the most environmentally-friendly festival Malta has ever seen! With recycling bins everywhere you turn and people cleaning the area (and toilets) every hour, this great site – the Ta’ Qali family park – had never been so clean! The festival also offered reusable cups, and no vendors offered single-use straws. It was honestly a breath of fresh air to see all festivalgoers doing their part and cleaning up after themselves.

Guess what… no WiFi

Yeah, it comes as a shock to some, but there was no WiFi at Earth Garden, but the reason for that was connected to the festival’s theme of “re-union”. It was a great change of scenery to see everyone off their phones and talking to the people around them. The festival had loads of areas where you could just sit and talk to one another, whether old friends or new ones. It was nice to see everyone being so nice and calm, which a nice change of pace from out everyday busy lives. It’s almost as if time slows down, and you really enjoy the moment you’re in.