Dancing Jesuit is hosted at Mdina restaurant

Sharma Ethnic Cuisines of Mdina will be hosting a series of Indian Sacred and Classical Dance performances by Fr. Saju George, a Jesuit priest belonging to the Calcutta Jesuit Province.

Fr Saju George
Fr Saju George

Fr. Saju George has been performing, choreographing and teaching the Indian dance Bharatanatyam for the past 15 years in India as well as in other countries. He has given several solo and group performances in over 25 countries around the world, having choreographed several dances based on the Bible. He also gives regular lectures in Indian aesthetics, art and religion in several institutions in India and elsewhere.

Fr. Saju George runs the social welfare and humanitarian centre called 'Shanti Nir' (Nest of Peace), The Art Peace Foundation, and 'Kalahrdaya' - The Universal Home of Art and Culture. Through these institutions, Fr. Saju supports several poor people through educational and various humanitarian projects. He also helps homeless poor people build small houses. Proceeds from the performances which Fr. Saju will be giving in Malta will go towards supporting these projects.

Fr. Saju's performances in Malta will take place on the 7th October at 7 pm, at the Carmelite Priory in Villegaignon Street in Mdina, and on the 9th October at 8 pm, at St. Aloysius College Hall. 

Commenting on Sharma's sponsorship of Fr. Saju's performances, a spokesman for the restaurant highlighted the fact that in the same way that Sharma's gastronomic offer brings together Indian, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines, Fr. Saju's performances blend Hindu-inspired classical Indian dance with a Christian message: "We are proud to be sponsoring the performances of a unique artist such as Fr. Saju, especially since the proceeds from these performances will go towards projects aimed at helping people in need in India."

For details about tickets and other information regarding these performances, kindly telephone 7955 5045 or go to www.facebook.com/SharmaRestaurant.

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