Theatre | Even More Four Play

DnA Productions return with a series of sketches satirising Maltese life, and co writer-director Denise Mulholland promises it’s a doozy.

The satirical show Even More Four Play is currently doing the rounds at The Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta, and co-director, co-writer Denise Mulholland is confident that it will match its predecessor in laughs and satirical bite.

“Working on a show like FourPlay is an experience unlike any other. Almost all the scripts are brand new and written especially for the show. This means we can really focus on the topics/characters/situations that we think will have a special resonance with the audience,” Mulholland said. She will be helming actors Alan Montanaro, Isabel Warrington, Louiselle Vassallo and Alan Paris as they help poke fun at contemporary Maltese characters and situations.

“We do have a few memorable characters returning to this version of the show – how could we not allow the Bus Driver to come back and give us an update on his life as an employee of Arriva? And there may be a word or two from a celebrated columnist [‘Defsa Garuana Malizia’]… and the beleaguered Supermarket girl, last seen working at a cosmetic surgeon’s office, is trying her hand yet again at finding the career of her dreams. I won’t give too much away, but let’s just say that with this new job her head is well and truly ‘in the clouds’,” Mulholland added.

And while it’s a given that local humour might be more attuned to farce – as the popularity of panto and certain TV shows appear to suggest – Mulholland is confident that audiences will lap up DnA Productions’s sketches with glee.

“I think the exposure to fantastic comedies from the US and UK has really honed people’s appetite for satire… and wonderfully clever comedies like the recent production of Immaculate by Theatre Anon, which are entirely verbal, play to packed (and very appreciative) audiences. We have some sketches which are very character-driven, some farce, some Burlesque, some nostalgia, and some very topical humour all mixed together with some (partial) nudity, a dash of Eurovision and a big dollop of satire.”

Even More Four Play will be playing at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta between October 21-23. To book tickets, log on to