George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Paradise lost - the saga of a gas pipeline to Italy
Business Comment
The Greenstream pipeline had cost €7 billion, and with a sense of deja vu,...
CIC opens innovation hub in Miami – Malta next?
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To host a sister CIC and Venture Capital centre is a sweet-smelling vindication...
Malta as a future gas exchange hub
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EU is 60 years old – are we celebrating?
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Back home, 2017 brings in exciting times due to augmented exposure from global...
Blockchain - so complex yet not to be snubbed
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One certainly can’t reject that new technologies like blockchain, robo...
Understanding the mystique of Blockchain technology
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Only time will tell if blockchains will succeed to revolutionize our lifestyles...
Artificial intelligence – friend or nemesis
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Mankind has survived calamities in past millennia and thus take courage that...
Innovation – taking a quantum leap
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Those enjoying the status quo criticise visionaries saying they are armchair...