George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Never mind the storm, you’re safe here
Business Comment
The best advice to unlucky bidders is to console yourself and in face of...
Brexit – PKF promotes Captives in London
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The future after Brexit for risk managers in UK may pose unprecedented...
Daily fantasy sports – baptising a new Unicorn
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In the case of DFS tournaments, outcomes are not determined by chance, but are...
Missing: tangible tax incentives to attract innovation
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Our tax incentives towards research and development are too weak to...
We are leaving… we are coming out
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Theresa May has consciously opened Pandora’s box
An ambitious roadmap to innovation
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Can our country, albeit small and lacking indigenous materials, rise to the...
Prognosis for 2017 economy
Business Comment
2017 heralds exciting times with the presidency of the Council of the EU and a...
2017 – a time for reflection and reform
Business Comment
It is not too much to expect that Malta, becoming the next president of the EU,...