George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Budget 2017 – Scicluna gambles on being Malta’s Gulliver
Business Comment
The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions would be a heavy blow...
Poverty trap – keep digging, it’s the only way out
Business Comment
SME’s constitute the bulk of employers in Malta and consequently they...
There’s no plan, detail or sense of grip in Brexit
Business Comment
The process of transition can be a long and bumpy ride for Boris Johnson but it...
Challenges facing hospitality and the economy
Business Comment
A PKF study acknowledges that social partners have to pull the same rope with...
Galloping economy – a cornucopia of rich harvest
Business Comment
Other European economies registered lacklustre performances but equally...
In New York, putting Malta on the radar for the post-Brexit scenario
Business Comment
The harvest is ripe for those who venture forth
PKF encourages a new dawn in banking
Business Comment
The banks in Malta are not guided by the lending rates suggested by the ECB
Armada Mediterrana – another Sta Marija convoy
Business Comment
Regrettably, Europe continues to consider LNG as a last resort, although the...
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