George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Budget surplus merits lower VAT rate on restaurants
Business Comment
A review of VAT charged on restaurants indicate that Greece dropped its rate in...
Brexit - avoiding the cliff edge scenario
Business Comment
A snap election in June saw Theresa May lose her parliamentary majority,...
Innovation hub – not another Alice in Wonderland
Business Comment
One may believe that having a research and business innovation hub in malta...
CETA - a harbinger of new jobs
Business Comment
The free-trade agreement between Canada, the EU and its member states, aims to...
Zest is the spirit – Innovation follows faithfully
Business Comment
The start of an international innovation conference, organised by the Malta...
Budget fantasy: a cornucopia of rich harvest
Business Comment
Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat have...
Budget teaser – reducing tax rates in restaurants
Business Comment
Is the trickle-down effect working? Are restaurant owners being forced to take...
MFSA – a good time for change
Business Comment
ractitioners who invest hard-earned cash to promote the financial services...