George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Public tenders – flying without navigation equipment
Business Comment
It is not too much to expect that Malta tries to guarantee that procurement...
Seriously searching for an industrial ecosystem
Business Comment
It is true that much more needs to be done for the island to earn the title...
Top Innovation conference addressed by Silvio Schembri
Business Comment
Committed young researchers in Malta are hampered by a lack of finance. And it...
Innovation – can we grasp the nettle
Business Comment
Malta will smell the coffee and consolidate its economic status by funding a...
An encounter with Silicon Valley at Microsoft Centre
Business Comment
This enterprise will shine a light to guide us along the shadowy tunnel at the...
Blueprint for innovation
Business Comment
Boldly embarking on this ambitious roadmap will shine a light to guide us along...
Reflections on a cryptic 'Malta Files' story
Business Comment
We all agree that now that the election fever has subsided and the perpetrators...
PKF China desk team meets in Germany
Business Comment
The meeting of minds in Duisburg has converged on the idea for PKFI to organise...

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