George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

SMEs – cut bureaucracy and expect better wages
Business Comment
Certainly something must give since without a living wage people cannot survive...
MCAST – A PKF study on vocational training
Business Comment
Both studies exemplified the merits of vocational training while it...
Do retailers work all hours?
Business Comment
'Open All Hours' perhaps epitomises the cliche that Britain is an...
Chasing the illusive concept of a living wage
Business Comment
The increase in the average wage is heavily influenced by wage increases in the...
Tax practitioners hit by double whammy: CCCTB and ATAD
Business Comment
Malta will expectedly stand to lose, due to the fact that its size does...
Pitfalls stalling TTIP and CETA agreements with EU
Business Comment
While TTIP had been the main target of a lobby group resisting globalisation,...
Dousing the fiery brigade against LNG carriers
Business Comment
LNG is a fuel, and, when it becomes a gas and mixes with air, it will burn
Where is the missing link in correspondent banking?
Business Comment
Pressure on correspondent banking arrangements could disrupt our financial...
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