John Baldacchino is currently Chair of Arts Education at the University of Dundee in Scotland. As an academic Baldacchino specializes in art, philosophy, politics and education. He is the author of numerous refereed and journalistic articles in academic and political journals. Between 1983 and 1990 he regularly published journalistic articles and critical essays in political journals and newspapers language and was also a graphic artist and political cartoonist, contributing work on a weekly basis. More recently he has resumed writing on civil issues and political reform, though his focus remains on academic writing.

Two Charlies and a secular quandary
On decriminalising vilification, the State needs to have robust grounds on...
British Labour, its leader and its future
British Labour is at a juncture in history: political discourse has become...
A referendum’s gamble
The more I reflect on this, the less I am convinced that this referendum is...
Diversity and the freedom of interpretation
Discussions are raised as to whether offensive material is equivalent to...
Left, right and centre in Malta’s 40-year-old Republic
People should take a closer look at how the party model adopted and sustained...
Governing by listening… and by failing on spin
There are examples where Muscat decided to move beyond his preoccupation with...
Diversity, liberty and solidarity
To be Maltese or Scottish, British or European, is a consequence and not the...
Time to back off?
I am very pleased that Dr Simon Busuttil decided to pull out of what he aptly...
Of accents, governments and oppositions
One year in, the weight of governance has somewhat frustrated...
Citizenship, the EU, and social justice
Is this a debate on European solidarity or a price war? It depends on how we...
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