Relax! Casinos with an MGA license provide peace of mind

With the world shifting to the digital platform, more and more online casinos are emerging on the surface - can we have peace of mind?

With the world shifting to the digital platform, more and more online casinos are emerging on the surface. The casinos, especially the online ones, have several technical and legal aspects that must be taken care of in order to ensure players safety.

The organization that regulates the operations in an online casino makes sure that a safe and secure environment is maintained, where the players do not have to worry about being scammed. If you are searching for options to play online, look for the best MGA casinos only.

For this very purpose, the MGA, otherwise known as Malta Gaming Authority, was created to regulate and license online casinos worldwide.

MGA's main role in the online gambling world is to set standards for various companies controlling the online casinos and their sister sites, so they cannot exploit any player. 

MGA itself is a non-profit organization and doesn't compromise in its strict rules. Any company that wants to get the MGA license needs to fulfill the strict policies and regulations set by them.

The work of the MGA

As we mentioned above, MGA has a very strict policy, and the online casinos that want to get their license have to maintain high standards in terms of their services. 

The services of the Malta Gaming Authority are not only limited to Malta but several hundred other countries. 

The main reason for the international online casinos using the MGA license is because of its reputation. The players in Malta and every online casino player around the globe speak highly of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Getting the Malta Gaming Authority license is not that easy as one might think. To get the MGA license, the companies need to showcase several things, including financial resources to fund the business, having complete ownership of the business, providing the services recommended by MGA, and not having any criminal background whatsoever. 

You can only get a Malta Gaming Authority license once these criteria are fulfilled, moreover, getting the license is not the difficult part as it is maintaining the organization's strict guidelines. 

Suppose an online casino fails to maintain the standards of MGA after getting the license. In that case, MGA voids their license, removes the casino from its list, and in some cases, might also ban them from getting a Malta Gaming Authority license in the future.

The benefits of choosing a casino with an MGA license.

The Malta Gaming Authority makes sure that players remain enjoying a safe experience as they ensure transparent and fair gaming, data protection, funds safety and player empowerment for gamers in those countries the license covers.

Enjoy a truly transparent and fair gaming experience.

One of the top priorities of the Malta Gaming Authority is providing a platform for online gaming where fair gameplay is ensured and transparent measures are enforced.

For example, the most popular casino games such as roulette, blackjack, or slots purely depend on chance. The online casinos must provide every player an equal and fair chance of winning. For this purpose, they use something called RNG (Random Number Generator). 

The RNG is responsible for creating a new and random number every time the computer is required to pick a player's winning number. 

Malta Gaming Authority makes sure that all online casinos that they regulate have a proper working RNG system to avoid discrimination. 

Transparent and fair gaming is one of the main advantages of playing at an MGA casino. Afterall, the real fun of gambling lies in having equal chances of winning as any other player.

Your data and information are safe and protected.

Data is one of the most important things in today's world. The harm that can be done to a person using their data is endless. 

When choosing an online casino, a player must consider if that casino has reputable credentials. This is paramount, as important data will be shared with the casino including banking and personal information. 

MGA performs its biggest and most important role in ensuring that a casino doesn't leak or misuse any player's data. 

Casinos regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority are continuously kept under surveillance by the organization to make sure all of their casinos follow the data protection act. The data protection act makes sure that no data of any user is misused and leaked.

Not misusing or leaking the data by an online casino is one thing, a cyber-attack to the online casino servers is a whole other story. 

Any casino that wants to get the MGA license must show that their data security is good enough to avoid any cyber-attack. If a casino cannot prove that it can withstand cyber-attacks, then the MGA will not give a license to such online casinos.

Peace of mind, as your money is safe and sound.

Another area where the Malta Gaming Authority is very active is in supervising the handling of funds by the casinos. 

Every online casino handles hundreds and thousands of euros in players deposits and winnings. The MGA has a very strict policy that states that every online casino regulated by them keeps the player money separate from the casino's operating funds. 

The main reason for this policy is if, for some reason, the casino goes bankrupt, then the operational and the personal assets of the casinos are the ones that would be at stake. The money of the players would be safe and unharmed. 

Separating the funds is especially important for the MGA. Without this money separation policy, there is a significant risk to the player's funds. As you might have guessed, any breach of this policy would directly result in the cancelation of the MGA license.

Empowerment that comes from knowing your rights.

MGA gives a significant amount of rights to the players. One of the main reasons is to protect them in case that the online casino operators do something illegal or inappropriate ensuring the misbehaviour is  dealt with accordingly. 

In MGA licensed online casinos, the players can directly report the casino operators to MGA if they are exploited or feel that the MGA terms and conditions are not followed. 

Giving more power to the players is very effective. It increases the players' trust in the online gambling world and ensures the casino operators follow the strict regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Countries covered by MGA

There are many countries covered by the Malta Gaming Authority. Players from almost 180 countries in the world are allowed to play at the MGA licensed casinos; therefore, discussing the banned countries would be much easier. 

A country's permission to play at the MGA licensed casinos depends more on the countries' own policies. 

For example, the UK's gambling laws are compliant with the Malta gambling laws, and players of the UK are allowed, such is the case of these Skill On Net Casinos as they hold both MGA and UKGC licenses.

Germany, however, is banned from online betting due to their own strict rules against gambling. 

Countries including Hong Kong, Turkey, China, Australia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also banned from playing at the MGA licensed casinos. 

The list of prohibited countries includes Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, and The Czech republic are not accepted from Europe.

Finally, we have the African countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, and Algeria that are also banned from the MGA licensed casinos.

We can conclude that MGA is one of the best institutions when it comes to regulating and licensing online casinos, and an MGA casino should be one of your first considerations if you are looking to play online.