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Changes to the European and American markets with Donald Trump’s first foreign visit as US President

Donald Trump leaving for his first foreign visit as US President
Donald Trump leaving for his first foreign visit as US President

European markets

During Monday’s trading session, European markets delivered a mixed bag of results. As the German DAX and the French CAC 40 were both marginally down 0.15% and 0.03%, while the UK market registered a gain of 0.34%. Deutsche Telekom AG and Allianz SE were among the leading stocks on Monday as their shares rose by 1.38% and 0.77% respectively. The biggest losers during the trading session were Deutsche Bank, the German investment bank, and Adidas, the sportswear company, as their market values declined by 0.61% and 0.35% each.

European sovereign bond yields were negatively impacted during Monday’s trading sessions as bond prices rose. The German, French and Italian ten-year bonds all rose with the French ten-year registering the highest gain of 0.25%. These bonds are now each yielding 0.375%, 0.821% and 2.114% each.

In the currency market, the Euro lost some ground against the dollar as its shed 0.025% of its value against the greenback, while it registered a gain of 0.08% against the British Pound during Monday’s trading session. On a year to date basis, the Euro is up by 0.13% against the American Dollar and has also appreciated by 11.68% against the Pound.

American markets

On the other side of the Atlantic, the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average both registered similar gains. The S&P 500, which tracks the largest five hundred companies in the United States, posted a gain of 0.52%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is made of up 30 stocks, gained 0.43% to now stand at 20,894.83. Wynn Resorts, the casino operator, and Footlocker, the shoe and apparel retailer, were among those that posted the largest gains during Monday’s trading session as shares in Wynn resorts closed at $125.16 while Footlocker’s shares closed at $60.27. TripAdvisor Inc., the online travel company, and Advanced Auto Parts, the North American auto parts company, were among the day’s biggest losers. TripAdivsor lost 2.52% of its market value and now trades at $42.97 while Advanced Auto Parts saw it value decline by 2.71% to now trade at $147.37 a share.

In the bond market, American treasuries saw their yields decline as prices increased by 0.19%. Crude oil registered a slight gain to reach the $50.81 level as prices increased by 0.48% during Monday’s session. Gold also saw its price increase as it traded at $1,261.70 which is a 0.3% increase over the previous day’s close.

In the currency market, the American Dollar index rose by 0.07% to now stand at 97.06. The American Dollar saw its value fall by 0.23% against the Japanese Yen and increase by 0.1% against the Swiss Franc. On a year to date basis, the dollar is down by 1.56% against the Swiss currency and up by 1.62% against the Yen.


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