Why Maltese-licensed casinos are so popular overseas

In many markets, the MGA license is most respected by players and many new regulatory frameworks are modelled after it

There have been a growing number of new online gaming license regimes in Europe, as well as other continents, in recent years. Often, larger operators choose to acquire several licenses, in order to offer their services in as many countries as possible.

However in many markets, the Maltese MGA is still the license most respected by players and in fact, many new regulatory frameworks are modelled after it. What, therefore, are the aspects that make Maltese online casinos so successful?

A thriving, multilingual cluster of professionals

The popularity of Malta as a base for gaming operations is not a sudden development but has been built over the years. Malta was a pioneer in regulating the industry, and has, over time, become a global hub for iGaming professionals, which is no easy feat.

These skilled veterans come from diverse backgrounds and understand the needs of players in various of the countries that are served. This makes it possible to effectively operate in many specialised markets, such as smaller language areas.

Maltese licensed operations feature prominently on sites that review online casinos in different languages, such as Suomenkielisetnettikasinot.com, for Finnish-speaking players.

Fair games trusted by players

The Maltese license has established itself a mark of excellence in the mind of many players. A lot of this has to do with regulations that place demands on fairness and processes for solving possible disagreements between players and operators.

For example, the average return-to-player in MGA slots has to be at least 92%, a higher minimum than under many other licenses. In addition, games require an independent third party verification to ensure their fairness. Although no one can guarantee winnings, at least the players have a fair chance at an MGA casino.

Malta Gaming Authority also provides an online complaint form, in case there is a dispute. Under many less respected licenses, protests like these might often fall on deaf ears.

Adoption of fast, low-cost payment systems

Growth of online gaming has also spurred innovation in fintech, short for financial technology. Recent years have seen exponential growth in the so-called ‘no registration’ payment systems, where both the deposit and player identity information is passed in a single transaction.

This method is both secure and fast, especially suited for casual gaming, increasing the share of which is done through mobile devices. Neither deposits nor withdrawals usually incur any additional cost to players.

Many new MGA-licensed online casinos handle all transactions exclusively through this process.

A wide variety of games on offer

Slots are certainly the most common form of online gaming. Players at MGA-licensed casinos can enjoy a large selection, even in the thousands, from a variety of top producers.

However, many websites also offer other types of gaming entertainment. More and more, the line between online casinos and sports betting has become blurred. Casinos may offer the chance to bet on sports, and many betting-focused sites have since added casino games.

In addition, big international lotteries are now offered on many sites through what is called ‘lotto betting’. Bingo and poker also have their dedicated fans, and some gaming websites combine all of this under one roof.

For players who enjoy a diversity of games, this makes it easy to play absolutely everything, using the same account.

When we combine everything: fairness, skilled creators, fast payments and a varied selection of attractive games, it is easy to see why Maltese online casinos continue to be so popular.