New eCabs’ app gets redesigned user interface

350,000 app downloads just in 2020 for eCabs

eCabs has a newly redesigned user interface of its booking app – the first iteration in a series of improvements which eCabs is implementing following more than 350,000 downloads achieved earlier this year.

“Behind the new design of eCabs’ booking app user interface is not just an improved image but a reaffirmation of the app’s success in delivering a seamless user experience with reduced waiting times and extremely cheap prices,” chief technology officer Patrick Bezzina said.

“Our aim was always to build a transport technology framework that is future ready. At eCabs, technology has always underpinned the processes beneath our operations so that clients are provided with the convenience they seek,” Bezzina said.

“The new look of the eCabs app’s user interface seeks to reflect the way that the technology developed and implemented by eCabs was always about simplifying the underlying layers of complexity that give users maximum convenience,” he added.

Whilst the app remains the company’s main booking channel, eCabs is strengthening its multi-booking channel platform, benefiting its clients with a myriad of booking options and 24/7 convenience.

“The new user interface offers a seamless user experience, with all the functionalities it boasted before and with the added benefit of much better pricing and reduced waiting times,” Simon Debono, eCabs’ chief marketing officer, said.

“This complements eCabs’ all important sanitisation protocol, 24/7 customer care and our ‘lost and found’ procedure which are all part of the customary high standards that our clients are used to experiencing. This App update is another in a series of steps towards our commitment in guaranteeing a smoother and much improved user experience,” Debono said.

eCabs had introduced Malta’s first cab booking app in 2013, before moving away from third-party technology to build its own technology assets.