Interview with Gia Janashvili, founder of Veli Services

Entrepreneur, Gia Janashvili is a technology enthusiast who despite his young age, made a name for himself in the software market

In this exclusive interview, the founder of Veli Services shares profound insights on entrepreneurship and the current business climate amongst other relative aspects. 

What are the main challenges your clients are trying to solve?

With the speed at which the digital ecosystem is evolving, it is becoming crucial for companies to automate as many business processes as possible, stop treating their customers as big groups and start personalising. This is the reason why we invest heavily in proprietary software that helps analyse customer behaviour with ML and AI at its core. Furthermore, automating business processes by means of No-code and Low-code solutions helps them grow without constant dependency on development resources. Business intelligence and machine learning are our main focus areas for the upcoming years.

What are your key technological advantages?

Our focus on scalability, observability and maintainability makes us stand out from the competition. Our decentralised mindset allows us to build microservices which act like cells in a growing organism and work in synergy, while at the same time maintaining independence - which is much needed for fast pace evolution. We’ve built many top-notch proprietary SDKs and libraries around the paradigm of efficient distribution. Event-driven approaches, allow us to replicate business processes in their natural manner as they appear in the natural world, making them equally understandable for business and technology, thus alleviating the need for constant translation of terms.

Many tech companies are expanding to India. Do you believe the Indian business climate has evolved sufficiently to accommodate foreign investors? What are the most significant obstacles for foreign companies investing in Indian partnerships?

The Indian business market is brimming with opportunities and entrepreneurs should consider investing there. All of the fundamentals for a great take-off have been established, and the business climate is ideal for both domestic and foreign investments.

In retrospect, India was not always ready for certain investments, particularly in technology. Although it has a large population, it has a small market for most technological products. However, the country now has a rapidly growing economy, widespread internet and smartphone use and liberal foreign direct investment policies. Some Indian cities already have significant startup ecosystems and the government is using new ideas to improve the startup ecosystems in the rest of the country.

The lack of homogeneity in the Indian market is the most difficult challenge. Many products and services could fail if investors do not consider this factor. Foreign investors should use the B2B2C model because it can protect their investments from the rigours of a highly segmented market.

Please share with us the company vision.

Being in charge of a software technology company necessitates unconventional thinking. I am the founder of a company that brings vision and technological edge to B2B2C partnerships with companies worldwide. As the visionary of the company, I also bring the faith and courage to pursue rare opportunities in the field of technology. Technology changes quickly and only companies with a clear view of the future can lead the industry into the future.

I chose to be a forward-thinking leader because I am confident in finding hidden gems off the beaten path. Typically, I recommend investing in seemingly new but promising markets. Instead of seeking profits from what everyone else is doing, I see the potential for great rewards from new markets. In this manner, I carve out opportunities for both current and future needs. Veli Services is already reaping the benefits of bold leadership. Such incentives, however, do not exist for overly conservative leaders and entrepreneurs.  

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