Former CEO of BP Tony Hayward for Malta conference

Hayward, current CEO of Genel Energy, will discuss oil developments in the Mediterranean

Tony Hayward
Tony Hayward

Tony Hayward, former CEO of BP and current CEO of Genel Energy, will be leading a keynote session on significant developments in the oil and gas industries in Northern Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean at the upcoming Economist Events' Business Roundtable with the Government of Malta, March 7th.

This groundbreaking summit will assemble a high-level audience of policy-makers, CEOs, investors and stakeholders to discuss opportunities to invigorate investment and growth in Malta.

In a recent interview with, Hayward commented on Genel Energy's recent oil exploration in Malta's Area 4. On Genel Energy's attraction to Malta, Hayward said the area's geology presented a high-impact prospect to the company with the potential for field sizes of at least 250 bbl. Hayward also acknowledged that while expectations are dangerous in the oil and gas industry, Genel Energy was confident in Malta's geology and looks forward to drilling here.

Hayward was BP chief executive until his resignation following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Hayward was Group Chief Executive of BP from 2007 to 2010. In June 2011 Hayward founded Vallares p.l.c., a $2.2bn acquisition company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Given his extensive experience in the oil and gas sector (CEO, Genel Energy; Chairman of mining and commodities company GlencoreXstrata; Non-executive chairman of UK-based gas-to-liquids company CompactGTL) the stage is set for a lively discussion this March.

Summit themes at the Business Roundtable with the Government of Malta are organised by The Economist and its European Editor John Peet. Prominent speakers, such as Hayward, will guide the conversation across sectors, risk factors and changing regional conditions to help delegates understand and steer the future of Malta's growth. Industry stakeholders will convene to debate, collaborate and tackle the issues that will drive Malta's economy forward for the coming decades.

The Business Roundtable with the Government of Malta is proudly sponsored by its platinum partner HSBC and its gold sponsor Finance Malta. Other supporting organisations include FIMBank, Malta Enterprise, the Malta Stock Exchange and GO. Media partners of this groundbreaking summit include CNN, The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent, Malta Today, Malta Business Weekly, TVM, ONE,, and European Voice.

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