The new ‘no-registration’ trend amongst online casinos

With the many scams and fake businesses out there, it is important to be sure that when signing up for a new business service, or online gambling company, your identity and finances are kept both safe and protected 

In support of this, the new ‘no-registration’ trend has been making waves in the online casino world where for many online gaming platforms, users no longer require filling out registration forms to begin playing. 

Casinos and online-gambling platforms, allow users to dive deep into the world of gaming and an abundance of cash prizes. With so many competitions, offers and games available, players are spoilt for choice and often don’t think twice about the legality and regulatory quality of the vendor. With fresh and intriguing deals gaming companies put out to attract potential customers, it is important to note if the gaming platform requests registration before playing and what it entails for the player. 

Nowadays, social media, the internet, online platforms and e-mail services require the personal information of the user to be processed, confirmed and authorised to receive services and to confirm identity, if the case of theft or false identity occurs. 

Large and well-known online companies that require personal details of the user are most times legitimate as they are legally registered and have a large customer base, meaning they obtain the trust and have a good reputation amongst the public. Smaller and relatively unknown online businesses, tend to not be so promising as they don’t obtain the same trust and recognition among users. Handing over personal details to an online business can be a major downfall for businesses as prospective clients may not feel comfortable passing these details on to register and utilise the service. This, in turn, causes the business to lose a sale and therefore, its overall number of users and overall profit. 

The trend of having a ‘no registration’ process upon joining is increasing amongst online casino businesses. They offer the same services, rewards and benefits with the only difference being the player doesn’t need to fill out registration forms to begin utilising their services. The player simply needs to deposit a sum to begin playing – and that’s all. The casino operator can access your details solely through payment, as all required details are attached there. These are also known as instant casinos

There are many pros to a no-register casino. Some of these include; 

  •  Instant deposits (transactions at Pay N Play type casinos are processed instantly and arrive in mere seconds)  
  • Safety (Pay N Play casinos obtain the latest safety standards so you can rest assured that your money and financial information are protected)
  •  Convenience and efficient start-up times (players can easily begin playing and receiving funds much faster without having to fill in forms with details as their identity and information are received and authorised through their banking credentials) 

There is also a generous selection of online banking platforms that allow users to swiftly and efficiently transfer money without the use of a card. Clients can be sure that their money is safe and secure. Transfers are made in seconds and are done straight from the user to the business (and vice versa). Some of these payment providers include Zimpler, Brite and Trustly. 

With the globe becoming very fast-paced and tech-savvy, businesses must evolve and keep up with the market, otherwise, they will fall behind and lose business. This is no different to casinos, as many newly online established casinos that become available for use, are instant casinos. A no-register online business is the way to go, to move with the flow of the business world and attract as many prospective clients to them as possible. 

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