Muscat’s agenda is to undermine our Christian values | Edwin Vassallo

Whether on issues like the legal notice on leave for IVF, same sex marriage or the latest act on domestic violence, Muscat has always characterised his actions by using doublespeak

Before any form of abortion is introduced, I believe that the Government’s agenda is to make sure that the moral and human values, that is our Christian values, have to be devalued.

“Nonetheless, my Government neither has the political mandate to open a debate on access to abortion, nor the support of the public opinion on this matter.” This was the answer Prime Minister Joseph Muscat gave to a request made by N. Muiznieks, Commissioner for Human Rights of Council of Europe, when the latter formally requested that Malta start considering to discuss the laws that can lead to the introduction of abortion.

But although according to Muscat, the Government does not have the mandate “to open a debate on access to abortion”, from what has been published lately on the issue, this debate has begun and I believe it has been instigated by the current administration. Indeed, from the way he answered, it is clear that Muscat’s decisions in this area are not taken by any pro-life considerations, but rather to wait for the moment when public opinion will be in favour. Then he will be able to say that he had changed his mind.

He took the same attitude on the issue of same sex marriage. Once he used to say that marriage was solely between a man and a woman, but out of greed for votes – and consequently power – when it suited him, he changed his tune.

Muscat finds gauging public opinion through this debate useful. His attitude is one in which the end always justifies the means; if the end means retaining popularity, any means are used. Gone are concerns over the common good (did he ever have any?). Instead, an ego trip based on being popular has taken its place, the goal being that of earning votes at all costs. Replacing values with populism can only lead to one thing: the cheapest form of politics.

Our post-modern society is spiraling down into a culture of relativism, based on sexual pleasures, uncontrolled emotions and egoism. This attitude is leading towards a culture of death, a culture in which a slippery slope is undertaken, in which the value of life slips down. Everything goes and nothing is regarded as wrong as long as the people are happy. Who cares about the victims? After all, the most vulnerable – the unborn babies – have no voice, so they don’t matter. Yet we say that all this is in the name of equality.

Faced with this fragile society in which a moral authority is sought and needed, I believe we need politicians that have a vision in favour of the human dignity. Politicians who can assume the responsibility and take the decision for a political direction which protects everyone, especially the most vulnerable in society.

I want to state clearly that which should be obvious. Muscat is not alone.

There are others who have joined this ‘liberal’ bandwagon, where the end justifies the means. I publicly accuse them of causing moral corruption, reducing our political discourse to the equivalent of a chat show or, even worse, a facebook logic where the more likes one gets, the more a policy is justified. This is populist politics.

We are witnessing a commodification of values which is being reflected in politics, as marketing replaces ideology, as ideals and values have been reduced to the status of mere commodities. Dressed in a parlance based on pity and mercy, we are seeing under our eyes the decline and fall of our human and moral values. Under the umbrella of liberalism, a push to legalise drug consumption, prostitution, introduce abortion and other harmful practices is taking place. What a political farce!

The laws introduced under the guise of civil rights have been passed under a blanket of goodwill, in the name of modernity and secularism. Muscat’s tactics, however, have given the lie to this cover of liberalism.

Take the law on divorce. Muscat, then leader of the Opposition, used the referendum’s result to silence those who – internally in his own party – declared that they were opposed to divorce and made them vote in favour of it.

Since then Muscat has done everything to pose as a champion of civil rights, whilst at the same time denying the right to vote in favour according to conscience on issues of morality. We have seen Joseph Muscat introducing laws by stealth. But this is how Muscat passes laws: pay for one and get one free. Political dishonesty has become the trademark of Muscat’s so-called civil liberties agenda.

Whether on issues like the legal notice on leave for IVF, same sex marriage or the latest act on domestic violence, Muscat has always characterised his actions by using doublespeak. While posing as champion of civil liberties in his own way, he is pushing for a dangerous agenda; that of undermining the very foundations of our society and our Christian values.

This agenda goes beyond the civil liberties. It’s his political ambition to render our Christian faith into just a Christian culture. This is the only way a populist politician can send God into exile and declare that God is dead.

Edwin Vasallo is a Nationalist Party MP

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