[WATCH] Saviour Balzan's video blog: On people power and Adrian Delia

From ordinary people protesting against the construction spree to the internal turmoil of the PN

Saviour Balzan argues that the civil society movement has gained momentum and credibility, in its fight against the construction spree.

Saviour Balzan video blog on people power and PN turmoil

He insists there is a need to keep up the fight, especially in view of the fact that the leaders of this movement are not politically motivated. Balzan says that what needs to change is government policy on development.

In the second part of the video blog, Balzan takes aim at PN activists and MPs who are unwilling to depose Adrian Delia despite being critical of him. Balzan says no one appears willing to collect the 150 signatures needed to call an extraordinary general meeting and ask for a vote of confidence in the PN leader.