Letters: 28 January 2015

‘I was not sponsored by George Farrugia’

Whilst fully appreciating the importance of investigative journalism in a democratic society, I feel aggrieved by the content of your article published on 21 January, 2015 entitled “Enemalta official informed Farrugia of remaining oil stock”.

I categorically condemn and deny the insinuation that my MBA was in any way sponsored by George Farrugia. All payments made to Henley Management College were made from my personal bank accounts, held jointly with my wife, or through loans entered into by me, which facts can be fully confirmed by documentation which I am submitting for your consideration.

If you had investigated further, you would have surely discovered that I sent several other similar, if not identical, emails thanking others who participated in a questionnaire which I utilised for my thesis. 

I reserve further comment with respect to the rest of the allegations made about me in your article, due to the fact that such allegations, following your publication, are the subject of an investigation by the police. 

Emanuel Mizzi