Can I sell my Maltese citizenship?

'If a person such as myself wants to sell Maltese citizenship, what are my options'?

I have made several attempts to request information about the Maltese citizenship scheme, through the Maltese embassy in Washington DC on July 21st, July 26th, followed up with a phone conversation.

I was referred to contact the Malta foreign office, by the embassy in DC. The contact name was M. Joseph Vella Bonnici. I wrote several emails July 20, July 21, August 1 and August 7. Mr Vella Bonnici never replied to my emails. I called several times but the office closes at 1.30 pm for summer holidays.

As of today, I have not received an answer from the embassy in DC, as they are waiting for a reply from the Malta foreign Office, specifically Mr Joseph Vella Bonnici.

The government of Malta has the authority to sell Maltese citizenship for €650,000 to investors. I am certain these investors area treated with pomp and dignity since they bring money to the island, but what about the ordinary Maltese that have a right to be treated and respected in the same manner? I was born in Malta and have the same right as the people who bought the visa from the investor programme.

So my question is, if a person such as myself wants to sell Maltese citizenship what are my options? Do I have the same rights as the Maltese government or less? I do not want to surrender it. I want to sell it for profit – I am no longer Maltese as Malta has done nothing for me.

I wonder what happened to the slogan “Malta l-ewwel u qabel kollox” – It should read money first, questions later. I am not looking for sympathy. I am looking for answers from the Foreign office.


Simon T Abela

Gladstone, MS, USA


Traditional (sick) faith

With reference to J. Guillaumier’s letter “A scandalous auction”, it is not hard to understand that contradictions, religious ignorance and limited intellectual range of ordinary lay Catholics are rampant and worrying and that old habits die hard.  But a local tradition of a particular village is not more void and idolatrous than certain gestures and manifestations in front of statues. It is their particular way of contributing to the ever growing expenses a local festa entails and there is nothing wrong in that.

Mr Guillaumier failed to mention that a quarter of the funds raised will be donated to a Maltese hospital in Ghana, the rest will be used for the maintenance of the church.

The idolatrous manifestations happen in the streets. The church and the police are aware of them but cannot dispel them in one fell swoop, as if by a magic wand.  The people around the graven images are not aware of the distinction there should be between profanity and sacredness.

After the momentary euphoria of the “radiant” feast goes up in smoke, in their heart of hearts, they realize that after all, that was only a wooden or papier-mâché effigy.  Their enthusiastic and vociferous behaviour was just like some chaotic scene and gestures created by sport supporters, officials and players alike.  It is their version of “trooping the colour”.

I consider the raising of €14,000 by auction for the privilege of carrying the statue of Our Lady is only a sideshow.  How about a slice of William and Kate’s wedding cake for £6,000 or Neymar’s transfer fee for $263,000,000?

As usual, Mr Guillaumier cannot see the wood for the trees.


John Azzopardi



True PN supporters, stand up and be counted

It is time that those who really consider themselves in any way related to the true and genuine PN, with sound morals, stand up and be counted now that we have such a weasel at the door trying to use the same tactics applied so effectively by other weasels on the government benches.

These tactics include first a denial of the facts (no I don’t have a foreign account and I never had one). 

Then when confronted by documented facts, suddenly they remember that yes, they do have a foreign account but in the case of one on the government side, he claims to use it for the saving of the rent from his valuable cottage in England – and the latest allegation, ‘I do have such an account in my name BUT not for my use…’

The comparisons all have the same bottom line, and it’s the measure of a person’s integrity and sense of responsibility. 

These people have no scruples but only personal interest, their shouting dramas attempt to justify their supposed innocence.

While the government side developed its element of sleaze after appointing ministers, these new ones here have barely walked in. It makes one wonder what other skeletons may lie waiting in the cupboard over 14 years of building a law practice.

Now Simon Busuttil is off to Brussels, where else… the well-meaning party enthusiasts and those who made up the masses at the Granaries feel let down when only a few months back, they were given such high expectations. 

Now they are open to the manipulation of someone who has the support of the government side (as it seems to suit them), and from individuals in the party who are counting their coins.

All those who want to see some morals back into the PN’s party machine must indeed stand up and be counted. They should double their efforts to confront those with no values and scruples.

I am sure there are more persons who in the coming leadership vote have already got a feel for what kind of leader – who has surrounded himself with some nondescript individuals unworthy of a PN membership – the PN would have been landed with.

I am sure and hopeful that in the end, common sense will prevail.

Otherwise, the PN can count me out. This would be good news for Joseph Muscat, who will get my vote again as he did in 2013, because between one weasel and the other, I will definitely choose Labour.


Frank Camilleri