Extension on solar energy feed-in tariffs at 10c5 for 20 years

Energy ministry announces new schemes for PV and solar panels with upgraded batteries and solar inverters

Energy minister Miriam Dalli
Energy minister Miriam Dalli

Energy minister Miriam Dalli has announced a 20-year extension to the advantageous feed-in tariffs first launched on PV and solar panels back in 2010.

The original tariffs had been limited to just six and eight years. Dalli said these will be respectively extended by 14 and 12 years.

“Families who enjoyed the original feed-in tariffs will benefit from this new grant with an extension worth 20 years,” Dalli said, announcing a series of new renewable energy schemes.

“Families have different realities, and our schemes today offer a variety of options: these schemes send the message that families must invest in renewable energy today,” energy minister Miriam Dalli said today.

The new support scheme will cater for housholds investing in standard photovoltaic systems and integrated battery storage.

The first scheme concerns PV systems with standard solar inverters: these benefit from a grant of €625 per kiloWattpeak (kWp) and 50% of capital spend, capped €2,500. These will get a feed-in tariff of 10c5 per kiloWatthour (kWh) for 20 years.

The second scheme supports a battery-ready PV system with a hybrid inverter or separate solar inverter, and will benefit from a €750/kWp grant and €3,000 maximum grant on capital spend (up to 50%), and a 10c5 feed-in tariff.

The third scheme supports new combined PV and battery storage systems which self-consumemore solar-generated electricity. The system can combine PV panels with either hybrid inverter and battery, or solar inverter and battery inverter and battery, or solar inverter and AC battery. The grant is of €750/kWp, with a maximum €3,000 capital spend grant, 10c5 feed-in tariff, and then €600/kWh or 80% of cost for the storage system, capped at €3,600.

A fourth scheme covers upgrades to add battery storage systems, at €600/kWh or 80% cost for the battery capped at €3,600; and €450/kWp for a new hybrid inverter, capped at €1,800.

Households which have already invested in a PV system, having a hybrid inverter, and how add a battery will get €600/kWh or 80% of cost for battery, capped at €3,600.