[WATCH] WasteServ in educational campaign on waste-to-energy project

WasteServ launches information campaign on project ECOHIVE, the largest waste management investment in Malta, as it moves away from landfilling

An information campaign on WasteServ's waste-to-energy project ECOHIVE was launched today
An information campaign on WasteServ's waste-to-energy project ECOHIVE was launched today

WasteServ has launched an educational campaign on its latest project, which will see waste being treated and transformed into new resources, instead of being dumped at the Magħtab landfill

Project ECOHIVE is the largest investment in waste management in Malta, with WasteServ promising this will revolutionise the way waste is approached and managed waste, as the country moves towards a circular economy.

The company said the project marks a decisive move towards a strategy away from landfilling.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign on Monday, WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca drew on the bees pollination process to explain how the facilities which are being developed will address environmental needs related to waste management while producing essential resources, such as agricultural compost and electrical energy.

ECOHIVE represents hard work and efficiency, an ever-moving hub that continues to find and implement solutions to the best of its abilities, and that continuously seeks to improve, WasteServ highlighted. 

"'Eco' ties back to the environment and sustainability, while 'hive' reminds us of a beehive, constantly active and buzzing with energy."

The facilities that are being developed follow the same branding and will carry the names ECOHIVE organic, ECOHIVE energy, ECOHIVE recycling, and ECOHIVE hygienics.

WasteServ chairperson Prof. Frank Bezzina said the campaign was not merely a rebranding excercise.

"[It is] change in approach that will aggressively focus on turning waste into resources,” Bezzina said, adding that the company is undergoing a comprehensive restructuring programme intended to improve the overall environmental performance of the waste sector.

The campaign aims at further sensitising the general public on the importance of waste separation, on whom the successful operation of these state-of-the-art facilities will ultimately depend.

Progress on the ground is expected to be quick with the procurement process for the waste-to-energy plant already entering the pre-qualification questionnaire stage.

WasteServ said that its campaign ties in with the overarching work being carried out by the Environment Ministry, which is currently finalising a reformed Waste Management Policy.

WasteServ encouraged the public to follow its social media channels and the ECOHIVE campaign, which will also include various educational and fun activities particularly targeted towards young people.