PN wants more public spaces but appeals for respect towards private property

The Nationalist Party unveils seven proposals that address public spaces but wants the public to adhere to and respect private property

PN Environment spokesperson Robert Cutajar
PN Environment spokesperson Robert Cutajar

The Nationalist Party is proposing the addition of more public and green spaces but appealed to the public for the respect private property.

During a press conference on Friday, PN environment spokesperson Robert Cutajar and MZPN President Gabriel Micallef unveiled seven proposals for the addition of more public spaces.

"This shows that the environment is truly a priority for the party," Cutajar said.

The first proposal is to build a tree map and provide a green score for all localities in Malta and Gozo. The map would list the number of trees that there are, so that way could be made for more.

The second suggestion is to invest in and provide more public spaces and green roads to the public. PN would also be providing additional powers to the local councils, so that they could oversee abandoned construction areas, that often turn into dumps.

The third is to provide more pedestrian zones in all localities, while adding public parking spaces that include infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Another proposal is to protect the farmers that work fields which are situated in urban areas.

The fifth proposal is to facilitate the access to public spaces in the countryside and along the shores. Micallef did emphasise however that there are rights and duties for the public, including the protection of biodiversity and the respect of private property.

PN will be setting up a charter of rights and obligations for the public and will be also launching an app with a list of all public spaces.

It is also proposing a national fund for the protection of historical gardens and buildings. PN will be open to the purchase of such land from the government so that it could be returned back to the public.

The seventh proposal from the PN is to incentivise the public and entities to invest into green landscaping for house facades and roof tops.

PN candidate Janice Chetcuti who is heading the new PN environmental committee, PN Greens, called for those that are worried about the environment to join the party.

She said that although irreparable damage has been done to the environment, PN will be proactive and will work on returning back the country to the ‘paradise’ that it used to be.  

MaltaToday asked Cutajar about the PN’s position on recent agreement that saw the hunting NGO, FKNK retain more control over two traditional hunting grounds in Mizieb and l-Ahrax, which are popular recreational areas for the Maltese public.

Cutajar said that PN leader Bernard Grech has been clear that such open spaces should remain accessible to all people.

He was also asked about PN’s position on cases of outside dining platforms that are being set up by private businesses in Valletta. He said that businesses should have a right to invest but public consultation should always occur in the interest of public good.