Activists urge public to object to Kalanka development

The organisation #SaveDelimara said the bay was being threatened by a proposal to redevelop a derelict hotel into a one with a larger footprint

The site of the proposed development at Kalanka Bay
The site of the proposed development at Kalanka Bay

A group of activists calling themselves #SaveDelimara have urged the public to object to the proposed development of a hotel at Kalanka Bay in Delimara.

The initiative is being supported by environmental NGOs including Moviment Graffitti, Kamp Emergenza Ambjent and Front Harsien ODZ.

“Kalanka is threatened by a proposed project to redevelop the derelict hotel into a new one with a larger footprint than the previous ruins,” read a brief statement by the activists.

The group has set up a website where it outlines a number of reasons the development was a bad idea, including the fact that, whereas the building’s current footprint covers an area of 343 m2, under the Scheme Site for the proposed development covers an area of 3,464 m2 of which 561m2 would be a built-up area.

Given that the area is considered to fall outside the approved development zone (ODZ), any development permits may be considered in the area must be the same size, or smaller than the current structure.

Furthermore, #SaveDelimara has insisted that the area is also designated as one of ecological and scientific importance and that as a result, no development that could prejudice the unique natural characteristics of the site could be accepted.

Among the other concerns listed by the group is the fact that currently, the bay is already too small to cater for the amount of people who regularly frequent it, the hotel structure would constitute an eyesore to the surrounding area, while the development would also block access to the coastal footpath currently used by ramblers.

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